Our Abu Dhabi process server will serve your documents fast and efficiently. Process Server One serves legal documents globally, including International Service of Process in Abu Dhabi. Depending on your requirements, we will serve your legal documents via our international network of private process servers, or by other appropriate process service methods, as allowed by law in Dubai (see below).

Process Server One specializes in legal service in Abu Dhabi and is one of the few firms that handles international service of process and offers competitive rates. Our job is to cut through the bureaucracy in order to get the service completed with as little delay as possible. We’ve developed close working relationships with key individuals in most countries throughout the world.

Process Server One is familiar with laws, customs and current practices in the countries where documents are to be served. With offices in 8 countries, serving major regions around the world, we consistently monitor current events and service strategies. Our business relationships with the judicial authorities in the U.S. Department of State and many countries allow us to have a better understanding of their procedures and requirements.

The following is a summary of the methods available for service in Abu Dhabi as well as a specific proposal for process service.


The United Arab Emirates is not a signer of The Hague Service Convention. There is no formal method of service in the United Arab Emirates as the United Arab Emirates is not currently accepting Letters Rogatory.


Process Server One may serve documents in most countries, whether a signer of The Hague Service Convention, or not. Service is normally handled in a manner like methods used in the United States, although completion of the service usually takes longer. Customs and traditions within the United Arab Emirates tend to lead to a less rigid work habits. Most Abu Dhabi process servers who we employ are off-duty police officers or other government officials who can, in certain cases, exercise their official capacity to complete the service. Thus, reducing normal delays. However, corruption is sometimes evident within the country and that it is common for the process server to contrive an excuse for delays and/or additional costs. We will cover any additional costs, but delays may be unavoidable. Further, service in United Arab Emirates has been complicated in the recent period due to tensions within the region. We do all that is possible to insure a timely completion of the service. Currently, the time frame for the completion of informal service is approximately 3 weeks.

Advantage: The time frame is generally shorter than the formal method.

Disadvantage: Judgment “may” not be enforceable in the United Arab Emirates.


Most countries require documents be translated into the official language of the nation they are to be served. The U.S. State Department recommends translation, but it is not a requirement unless the formal method is used. It is possible, although rare, a demurer could be filed based upon lack of understanding by the defendant as to the nature and meaning of un-translated documents. It is important the Defendant understand the nature of the documents. We offer translation services at rates quoted below.


Service of process*

Informal: $1500.00

Letters Rogatory: Not available

Expedited Informal: $2700.00

(within 30 days, guaranteed)

*All fees are per defendant/address

Translation: $0.38 per word (proper nouns not translated)