If you need to file a summons or complaint, your safest option is to hire a summons and complaints process server to ensure important documents are properly served. If they’re not, litigation may not begin at all.

A summons is a document that tells the defendant a legal proceeding has been started against them and a case initiated in court. Complaints are formal legal documents that set out the facts and explain why the plaintiff has decided to sue the defendant. The document also lists the ways in which the plaintiff believes the situation may be resolved.

Click here http://courts.ca.gov/forms.htm for forms that will help you submit a summons and/or complaint.

At Process Server One, we use only the most experienced process servers, familiar with local, state and national laws for summons and complaints. They’ll ensure your papers are served quickly and legally within the proper time frame, so you’ll be assured you can go forward with the legal action you’re pursuing.

When you use Process Server One as your nationwide legal process service, you’ll find the judicial system can make a faster decision with all the information they need right at hand.

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