Welcome to Process Server One. With 33 years of experience in international service of process, we’ve served in countries around the world. Each country has its own unique set of laws and rules. While a process server may be familiar with the Hague Convention and Letters Rogatory, it’s important they’re also experts in the specific country you require service of process. With the experience of thousands of international services in countless countries. Process Server One can handle the service of process globally.

In addition to national process service, Process Server One also offers international process service. Utilizing both the Hague Convention and Letters Rogatory. We can provide supporting information and documentation, if necessary, to assist in getting difficult court signatures, and affidavits, if necessary, to obtain additional extensions of time or comply with court orders to provide the status of a service. Our worldwide network and extensive experience with international process service ensures fast and efficient service for our clients.

Our experience means you get the most efficient service possible at a competitive cost – making international process service less stressful and seamless. Process Server One home office is in California, with a world-wide network of process servers with offices in several countries. No matter your process service needs, Process Server One can successfully handle the service at hand.

Process service by email? Courts allow it? Some have! Process Server One has a patented and proprietary system that allows for process service by email within limited jurisdictions. Our system provides clear documentation the defendant received and acknowledged the service of process. Contact us for more information.

Process service by publication is a last resort method of giving “actual notice” to a defendant when their whereabouts cannot be found. We are the ONLY process service firm in the world with an online legal notice publication system! Process Server One will prepare the Application for Service by Publication, Order, Points & Authorities, and Declaration Re: Diligence Search at no additional cost! Upfront Pricing with No Hidden Fees.

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