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Process Server One started serving legal documents more than 30 years ago. We’ve aided law firms and state and federal agencies, building close relationships with government officials including members of the U.S. Department of State. By continually serving legal documents abroad, we’ve built expertise with foreign process service laws. And today, Process Server One serves in more than 80 countries with rush service available everywhere.

With offices serving major regions around the world, we are well networked throughout every continent. Process Server One has Canada process servers located in both metropolitan and rural areas. Our Canada process service company is recommended for their due diligence and staying up to date with 2022’s fastest process service methods.

Our Canada process servers keep clients up to date through Process Server One’s online portal, which makes it easy to request an update on any assignment in progress. For a small fee, our Canada process service company will file your Proof of Service with the appropriate court (just ask before we begin). In addition to serving papers, our Canada process service company gladly helps to track, trace, and locate missing people or businesses as it relates to process service. A skip trace can quickly reveal new information to get your case back in progress.

By tracking legal changes and current events, Process Server One’s Canada process servers understand the best ways to expedite assignments and beat pressing deadlines. In addition to rush service, we offer to serve your legal paperwork informally (which can save months of time compared to formal service through the Hague Convention).

Note: Process service in Canada (formal and informal) can vary greatly because customs and traditions lead to delays year-round. If you choose rush service, Process Server One’s private network of Canada process servers and government officials may be able to minimize slowdowns despite the circumstances. Bring any specific questions to a free consultation with our experts.

What Makes Process Server One a Reliable Canada Process Service Company?

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  • Licensed and registered international process servers with decades of experience.
  • Rush service available to beat deadlines, serving over 180 nations globally since 1986.

Details on International Service of Process in Canada

The Convention of 15 November 1965 on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters has been enforced since May 1, 1989. In Canada, like the United States of America, the national government shares authority with the local government; however, in Canada, each province is not considered sovereign despite having its own process service rules and designated Central Authority.

Canada has a national Central Authority, like all member states of the Hague Service Convention. Each provincial and territorial government in Canada also has its own Central Authority for Hague-related purposes. United States attorneys should not attempt to serve legal papers in Canada the same way they are served in the United States. Proper procedures must be followed to satisfy the requirements of both nations, including language translation in some areas. Legal documents in English typically do not require translation in Canada unless they are to be served in Quebec.

Canada allows service of process by mail or post under Article 10a; however, a signed receipt must be included (required under Fed. R. Civ. P. 4). A successful serve using this method depends on the proper observance of both local rules and Hague Convention rules. Canada does not object to service by judicial officers, officials, or other competent persons under Articles 10b and 10c.

Request an immediate status update from our Canada process servers at no additional charge. We stay up-to-date on the rules of international service of process through intelligence briefings provided directly from the United States Department of State. Our notes on the socio-political conditions in nations we serve are provided by the Central Intelligence Agency. Speed of service may take longer than usual in turbulent regions.

Warning: Many websites offer international service of process to Canada at suspiciously low prices. Beware of scam services created by unlicensed companies, especially those offering contracts with unfair or nonexistent refund policies. Some companies offer only a single attempt at service and have no way to overcome common issues like address information that is not up-to-date. Process Server One is prepared for each of these scenarios and more. Contact our Canada process servers with any questions today.

This information is not legal advice. Bring any specific questions to our Canada process servers by calling 855-545-1303. Achieving an enforceable judgment depends on the method of service that you choose. Our Canada process servers recommend taking time to carefully select the service method that is best to achieve your legal goals.

Specializing In Hard-To-Serve International Service of Process Assignments

To begin an international process service assignment to Canada, we will need the following:

  • PDF versions of service documents uploaded to our website (click here to begin)
  • Your defendant’s name, an up-to-date address for service, your preferred speed and method of service (formal, informal, etc.)

Here’s How Our Canada Process Service Company Works


Many countries are signatories to The Hague Service Convention (treaty) that governs service of process to be effected between participating nations; Canada is one of them. Service may be made by formal service through the Central Authority which itself arranges for service by methods prescribed in the particular Province. Although CANADA is a signer of the Hague Service Convention, it is common to use the informal method of service. The time frame for formal service can range from 1 to 3 months (recently 1 1/2 months).

Advantage: Enforceable judgment.

Disadvantage: The time frame is generally longer than the informal method.


Private process servers may serve documents in most countries, whether a signer of the Hague Service Convention or not. Service is normally handled in a manner similar to methods used in the United States. Service in Canada is very efficient and similar to the time frames within the United States. Since we pay the process server a bonus (at our own expense) for prompt service, the normal delays are usually reduced. Currently, the time frame for the completion of informal service is approximately 1 week.

Advantage: The time frame is shorter than the formal method.

Disadvantage: Judgment “may” not be enforceable in Canada.


Letters Rogatory is used for obtaining evidence or serving pleadings in countries that are not signers of the Hague Service Convention. They are a request from a court in the United States to a court in a foreign country requesting international judicial assistance related to service of process. This method is time-consuming, cumbersome, and should be used only when other options are not available. The use of this method may result in habitual time delays of up to 1 year in the execution of requests. This method should only be used if no treaty is in force or if you are serving a Subpoena.


The official language in Ontario, Canada is English. As such, no translations of documents is required.


Service of process*

Formal: $695.00 + $150.00 Bailiff’s fee

Informal: $395.00 (+ $150.00 USD Bailiff’s fee)

International Rush Delivery: Call to request price details.

*All fees are per defendant/address

Translation: Not Required

Notary: not available in all countries. Inquire for cost and details. 

Copies: billed at local rates per page. Inquire for cost and details.

Special Messenger (Fed Ex, DHL, etc.): Billed at local rates if needed or requested.

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