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Our process server in Mexico will handle your case efficiently and promptly.

Process Server One serves legal documents in all countries of the world, including International Service of Process in Mexico. Depending on your needs, we will serve your legal documents either through the Hague Service Convention, or through our international network of private process servers, as allowed by law in Mexico (see below).

Process Server One specializes in legal service in Mexico and is one of the few firms that handles international service of process and offers competitive rates. Our job is to cut through the bureaucracy in order to get the service completed with as little delay as possible. We’ve developed close working relationships with key individuals in most countries throughout the world.

Process Server One is familiar with laws, customs and current practices in the countries where documents are to be served. With offices in 8 countries, serving major regions around the world, we consistently monitor current events and service strategies. Our business relationships with the judicial authorities in the U.S. Department of State and many countries allow us to have a better understanding of their procedures and requirements.

Why Choose Process Server One?

Our extensive network of both process servers and connections get your documents delivered in a timely manner

We deliver your documents through methods that are accepted in all courts worldwide

We will serve your legal documents anywhere in the world

We provide you with a team of skilled, knowledgeable, diligent and competent international service specialists

We quote firm rates, in advance – with no hidden fees

The following is a summary of the methods available for service in Mexico as well as a specific proposal for process service.


Mexico and the United States are signers of The Hague Service Convention (treaty) that governs service of process to be affected between the two nations. Service will be made by formal service through the Central Authority which itself arranges for service by methods prescribed in Mexico. Documents to be served in accordance with this method must be translated into Spanish.

Mexico has recently changed its policy (without proper notification) regarding formal service of process. Mexico now requires formal service by Letters Rogatory in addition to the formal service request through the Hague Service Convention. Letters Rogatory is a request from the local Court seeking judicial assistance of the Courts of the jurisdiction where the documents are to be served. Although it is a very cumbersome and time-consuming procedure, it is currently required by the Mexican government. We will handle everything for you.

It is important to note that Mexico currently attempts to place various roadblocks to delay service upon their citizens and business entities. We stay on top of the latest developments to ensure that all current requirements are met. However, if Mexico imposes future additional requirements after the service assignment has been received by them, additional charges will be required to satisfy their demands. Note: This is the only Hague Service Convention nation which continually violates the provisions of the treaty and attempts to violate their obligations under the treaty. **

Upon receipt of your assignment, we will prepare Letters Rogatory and the Hague forms and return them to you for issuance by the Clerk of your local Court. You will return them to us, and we will arrange for translation, as well as translation of the service documents. Again, documents to be served in accordance with this method must be translated into the official language, Spanish. The Service will be completed via the Central Authority, which itself arranges for service by methods prescribed in Mexico. The time frame can range from 3 to 5 months (recently 4 months). This is the only officially recognized method of process service in Mexico.


Service by private process server in Mexico is an option, although not recognized by the government of Mexico. Even though such service will result in a U.S. judgment, it will not be enforceable in Mexico. Currently, the time frame for the completion of informal service is approximately 2-4 weeks. Some courts require a court order prior to making informal service. If you do not intend to attach assets in Mexico, and only seek to satisfy the court that all defendants have been served, this is an optional method for process service in Mexico.

NOTICE: Personal service in Mexico is highly unlikely due to high security. Most businesses and many residences have security guards who will deny access to the defendant. You should obtain a court order, in advance, allowing for substituted service on an employee, household member, or security guard. Such service is usual and customary in Mexico.


Most countries require the documents to be translated into the official language of the nation where they are to be served (in this case, Spanish). Translation is required if the Formal method is used and recommended if the Informal by our process server in Mexico method is used. It is possible, although rare, that a demurer could be filed based upon lack of understanding by the defendant as to the nature and meaning of untranslated documents. We offer translation services at rates quoted below.


Service of process*

Formal: $1000.00

Informal: $1500.00

*All fees are per defendant/address

** Note: Services that are rejected by the Central Authority, due to changes they have recently imposed, are subject to additional charges, including translation.

Translation: $0.38 per word (proper nouns not translated)