Process Server One is a leading expert at the domestication of foreign Subpoenas offering nationwide services. Massachusetts has not enacted the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (or UIDDA), making it a non-UIDDA state. The state of Massachusetts has its own rules and regulations regarding the domestication and service of out-of-state subpoenas (subpoenas originating in courts outside of Massachusetts).

Fast and accurate domestication and service of foreign subpoenas in Massachusetts requires an experienced professional. Process Server One has more than 30 years of experience domesticating and serving foreign subpoenas nationwide, including more than 2,000 domestication of foreign subpoena assignments to and from Massachusetts. stays up to date with changes to the legal system in Massachusetts to ensure the fastest and most accurate domestication and service of your foreign subpoenas. Laws of the discovery stage vary state to state, and Massachusetts is one of our most visited locations nationwide. As a non-UIDDA state, Massachusetts has a much more complex and intricate legal system than most states. Generally, the domestication of a foreign subpoena in Massachusetts follows the process of issuance request to the local court for the subpoena requirements of the asking court. We oversee and manage this process for you.

There are three common types of subpoenas:

  • Subpoena Duces Tecum: for the production of documents, or requires someone to submit relevant documents, records, or evidence related to the case
  • Subpoena Ad Testificandum: also called Witness Subpoena, for the witness to appear in court or submit relevant documents when they testify
  • Deposition Subpoena: requires the witness to appear at a deposition to testify and produce documents, or for both has aided law firms, businesses, state and federal agencies, paralegals, and more, maintaining close working relationships with court officials along the way. Through our nationwide experience domesticating and serving foreign subpoenas in the United States, we have developed a reputation for fast, accurate, reliable service of legal documents across state lines (for both UIDDA and non-UIDDA states).

What Makes Process Server One a Reliable Massachusetts Foreign Subpoena Domestication Company?

  • Rush service available to beat deadlines.
  • 2,000+ Massachusetts foreign subpoena domestication assignments completed.
  • Licensed and registered process servers, paralegals, and attorneys with decades of experience.
  • Fair pricing without hidden fees.
  • Nationwide service of foreign subpoenas (UIDDA and non-UIDDA states).

How Does Foreign Subpoena Domestication Work in the State of Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, traditional domestication methods to serve foreign subpoenas are utilized. An individual may be summoned and compelled, in like manner and under the same penalties as are provided for a witness before a court, to give his or her deposition, testimony, or requested documents, in a cause pending in a court of any other state or government. Permission from the court where the case is being heard must be obtained. The court is asked to issue a ‘Commission’ that will authorize the deposition, testimony, or submission of documents in Massachusetts. The ‘Commission’ will authorize a justice of the peace or a notary public to issue a subpoena in accordance with the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure to require the attendance of the individual or company to appear in court, appear for a deposition, and/or produce specific records in his or her possession or control. The authorized individual will draft and issue the subpoena to be served.

WARNING: Many websites offer Massachusetts domestication of foreign subpoena service of process at suspiciously low prices. Some companies aren’t up to date on Massachusetts laws and regulations specific to Massachusetts and/or offer only a drop-off service to the courts or a single attempt at service. Many companies don’t know the proper process, correct forms, correct fees, specific department within the court to go to, or how to fill out the forms accurately and completely. We do. is the leading expert in Massachusetts foreign subpoena domestication nationwide and is fully prepared for scenarios such as a bad address and more. Contact our Massachusetts domestication of foreign subpoena process servers with any questions today.

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Here’s How Massachusetts Foreign Subpoena Domestication and Massachusetts (non-UIDDA) Foreign Subpoena Service Works

Most often, foreign subpoenas (subpoenas originating from out-of-state courts) are duces tecum. They seek documents from a record holder located in another state. However, in some cases, foreign subpoenas are ad testificandum, a court summons to appear and give oral testimony for use at a hearing or trial.

 In both instances, failure to comply with Massachusetts rules and processes will result in legal punishment for the recipient of the subpoena. At, we provide fast, accurate, and reliable service by experienced Massachusetts process servers, whether a subpoena must be issued in another state, processed from another state or another federal district court, or located in-state.


Domestication of Foreign Subpoena: $350.00

Filing Fee: Varies by County and State

Special Messenger: $150.00*

Process Service: $150.00**

Custodian or Witness Fee: Varies by County and State

Advanced Fees as Incurred

Advanced Fee Cost: 10%

Notices: $25.00 each

*Varies based on time required and number of court runs required.

** Estimated depending upon exact location.


1) The subpoena issued by your office, the attorney, or the court.*

2) List of all counsel in the case and contact information. If you wish us to do notices to the couple, please indicate and attach Notice and state Notice time periods.

3) Name, bar number, and state of handling attorney

4) Any discovery cut off dates, trial dates, or any due date we need to be made aware of

5) Special Instructions

*The Subpoena needs the below:

  1. Incorporate the terms used in the foreign subpoena
  2. Contain all contact information for all counsel of record and any party not represented by counsel


Deposition Officer: $150.00 per subpoena, includes use of our address to receive records and follow-up to obtain records and records certified

Record Fees: $100.00

Electronic receipt / Delivery: $100.00

Electronic receipt / Mailing: $100.00 plus $0.40 per page plus postage, shipping, and handling

Mail Receipt / Electronic Delivery: $100.00 plus $0.40 per page plus postage, shipping, and handling

Mail Receipt / Mail Delivery: $100.00 plus $0.40 per page plus postage shipping, and handling

On-site copy / Duplication: Available nationwide, please call for fees.

THIS INFORMATION IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Content on this page is not meant to constitute legal advice. Laws change regularly. Bring any specific questions regarding UIDDA or Non-UIDDA Domestication to our Massachusetts foreign subpoena domestication staff by phone.

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